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Welcome to Bloody Rage!

Bloody Rage is an imperial guild for Allods Online. We are a reformed guild, having migrated from a previous dead one. As a guild, we plan to progress through the game, working as a team towards becoming more powerful and dominating the League.

If you are interested in joining, please get acquainted with our rules and requirements and then apply here by filling the application form or by contacting an officer in-game.

Guild Leader:

Guild Officers:
Bloodstorm - Boobstorm
Denial (Mapz)
Guild Rules: Must-knows
  • recruitment is currently level 55 for Bloody Rage; members are recruited directly ingame and/or via the forum.
  • new members have 3 weeks after joining to build their loyalty to 40 and gain member rank, or they risk being kicked from the guild;
  • You can be assigned the right to wear the guild tabard, at the guild leaders' discretion, at loyalty 80. Also tabard wearers have to show activity.
  • players with tabards have to keep their loyalty more than 80 and pay their taxes regularly (weekly) or they risk losing the tabard;
  • taxes for tabard players are 400 gold per week; taxes will be collected weekly, usually around thursdays.
  • a player can have an alternative character in the guild if his main is level 55 and acquired at least member rank; no second alt is currently allowed. All characters a player has in the guild must be active.

Read more in our horribly outdated rules thread, along with recruitment notices.
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