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If you're thinking of joining Bloody Rage, please read the below requirements and general information before submiting your application form. Once you join the guild, you will have access to more detailed information.

Players policy
Age over 15 years and good command of English are required.

Characters policy
We're reviewing applications from level 51 players for the time being.

Site/forum policy
Having registration and being active on this site is mandatory. Not signing up will make you eligible for kicking.

Ranks policy
When joining the guild you will be appointed as Trial in the game and Member in the site/forum. Upon building your prestige and loyalty, you will become a Member in the game as well. If you do not work in this direction or behave inappropriately, you will be marked as Punished and become eligible for kicking.
The other guild/site ranks are: Veteran, Junior Officer, Senior Officer, and Guild Leader.

Inactivity/absences policy
Maximum inactivity is one month without notice. Further absence will result in kicking.

Alternate characters policy
A player can have an alternative character in the guild if his main is level 51 and acquired at least member rank; second alt is allowed if the first one has reached level 51; all characters a player has in Bloody Rage must be active.

Taxes policy
All players with tabards are to pay weekly taxes, currently 400 gold. Taxes are 'per player', not 'per tabard'.

Prestige and loyalty policy
It is desirable to keep your loyalty and prestige as high as possible. To earn Member status, you must build your loyalty to at least 40 within the first three weeks of your membership. You will not be promoted to member until you have been in the guild for at least 10 days.
Tabard/regalia policy
Tabards are awarded to players who fulfill the prestige/loyalty/taxes payed requirements. 80 loyalty are required to obtain the rights to the tabard. A player cannot be issued the right to wear the tabard until he or she has been a member of the guild for at least 10 days.

Loot distribution
We are using our own points system for raiding called 'Rage Points', which is in essence a classic DKP system.

Voice chat policy
Being present on our voice chat (Teamspeak/Mumble/RaidCall) is mandatory for important events such as Astral Confrontation and other raids.

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